Approved By Khadi Village Industries Board,India

Approved By Khadi Village Industries Board,India

  Herbal Cosmetics  :- Abiding by the ethical norms & standards of the organization, we have been able to provide the customers with highly effective Herbal Cosmetics. Precisely formulated under hygienic conditions using natural herbs, the range is widely used for treating varied skin problems. Specifically used for skin, body, feet, hair, the cosmetics offered by us are acknowledged for effectiveness, quick results, zero side effects and anti-allergic nature. We offer these cosmetics in varied packaging’s, which can also be customized as per the requirements of the customers. Under this category we offer Herbal Face Wash, Herbal Hair Oil, Herbal Shampoo and many more.           We are looking for Herbal Franchisee/PCD of our products from all over India. Also contact for ‘Contract Manufacturing with your Trade Name/Brand’    आज आयुर्वेद, हर्बल के नाम पर ख़तरनाक रसायन आधारित शैम्पू, व अन्य उत्पाद बाज़ार मे बिक रहे हैं,ज़िनके लैबल पर मोटे शब्दों मे हर्बल लिखा होता है,परंतु उनमे सिवाय झाग के और कुछ नही होता. इन्ही लालची लोगों के कारण आज उपभोक्ता का यकीन आयुर्वेदिक उत्पादों से उठ रहा है. हमने मार्केट मे उपलब्ध उत्पादों, ग्राहक की समस्या आदि पर गहन शोध किया और प्रयास किया की उपभोक्ता को सही उत्पाद , सही दाम मे मिले. ना उसकी जेब कटे ना सेहत व पर्यावरण को किसी भी प्रकार का नुकसान हो. बड़े अभिनेता या खिलाड़ी के टी वी पर कहने से उत्पाद सही नही होत. पहले खुद यकीन करें, प्रचार के फेर मे अपनी सेहत व पैसों को बर्बाद ना करें. Do you know that you are inhaling slow poisonous chemicals in the mosquito repellents? Do you know that your home-inside is much polluted in place of roads..! This can cause Bronchitis, Asthma & Cancer. KRISHICO Presents, Totally natural formulation, based on Medicinal plant Essential oils. Advantage: Non Toxic Eco-friendly Cost effective effects Act as room freshener Bio Safe Natural Product. Highly effective with no side & Harmful effect Plant-based products are safe and biodegradable alternatives to synthetic chemicals for use against mosquitoes. All these are Alithrin & Prallethrin Based synthetic chemicals harmful to human being Hazardous according to (*NOHSC) Risk phrases: R22-Harmful if swallowed; R23 Toxic by inhalation (refer to Section 14). Classified as a Dangerous Good. Alletrin has insecticidal powers and acute toxicity generally comparable to the natural pyrethrins (Negherbon, 1959,”Hand Book of Toxicology”vol. HI).

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Wolga new arrival Mustered oil + seasem oil Non Sticky hair oil

Wolga new arrival Mustered oil + seasem oil Non Sticky hair oil

KHL- Wolga is innovated after huge demand of our respcted users.It contains Musterd Oil and Seasem [TIL OIL] With lot of herbs,own prepared extracts.It is NON STICKY.much effective to hairs…solve many problems,,hair fall,greying,loss of hair and many more…  Rs. 295.00 for 200 ml  










Natural oils based Mopsquito Repellant ,both spray and Vaporizers ,Safe to Health and Environment. No harmful chemicals.

Ingredients- lemon grass Oil (Cymbopogon citratus) ,Citronella Oil (Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt) ,Margosa Oil (Azadirachta Indica) ,Eucalyptus citriodora ,Tea Tree Oil,Zafran oil. Max.Retail Price 45 ml bottel to fit with any electrical device [Normal using] Rs.115.00 Max Retail Price for 200 ml Mosquito/fly Repellant  cum Room freshner. Rs.295.00





Actually Natural

  After Shave tube 100 mlKARDAM NATURAL  AFTER SHAVE LOTION is made from selected herbs,without toxix chemicals.It acts much kind as cure blade wounds,cuts,pimples, Germs and acne give full freshness after shave.No Side Effects–Unbeleivable Price  Max Retail Price- Rs.125.00 for 100 gms Tube. incl of all taxes.



We offers to our respectable customer a actual natural soft bath soap.No colour added.Made with extract of many herbs.We care our users better..

KHL-BENGO-AYURVEDIC/MEDICINAL BODY CLEANSER Contains many usefull/selected herbs as -Neem, Amla,Harad,Baheda,Haldi,Daru Haldi,Chirayata,Ber Leaf extract,Free from Caustic Soda. Giving better results in heavy water also.Multi Action complete soap act as anti dandruff,dry skin,daad,khaaj,khujali [Itch,Ringworm] and better cure to your skin… Max.Retail Price Rs.65.00 [INR] Incl of All taxes for 75 gm

Bekto-N.Natural based Room cum Car freshner.Long lasting and safe fragrance

Bekto-N.Natural oils based Room cum Car freshner.Long lasting and safe fragrance

  Bekto-n is made with natural essential oil as Leman grass, euycleptis/Safeda,Neem oil with pleasant fragrence.Safe to health.Provide long Lasting pleasant atmoshpere in your Car or Home..It also acts as Anti Bacterial properties. Rs.195.00 for 100 ml


Kardam skin Care Cream is actualy made from selected herbs,it is more effective when compare with big brands.Also very very cost effective,low price -High Quality.[Coming Soon,Wait] It acts much kind as anty acne,pimles,impurties,also give relax joint pain,headech etc Max.Retail Price Rs.165.00 [INR] Incl of All taxes for 50 gm

Multi purpose skin care cream

Multi purpose skin care creamklinger

  • Klinger Dishwashing Powder अब छोड़िये जहरीले रसायन आधारित बर्तन धोने वाले उत्पादों को,क्योंकि कृषिको अब ले आये हैं जड़ी-बूटी आधारित सुरक्षित बर्तन साफ़ करने का उत्पाद। 
  • Due to  good name value in public, first KHL innovated best formula based on natural herbs for Kitchenware cleaning/dish washer to replace harmful/chemically dish washer
  • while chemically residue in utensils after cleaning shows many ill effects, many diseasesser tried and found a very good product as substitute of chemical based dish washer
  • We innovate specially for safety of your health, as you aware that chemical based dish washer effects our health badly while remaining residue in utensils even after cleaning with lot of water
  • After research of five years innovated a unique product first time in world
  • After burning and adding above said herbs shaped as Bhasma/powder
    • It contains selected herbs as
    • Reetha
    • Shikakai
    • Amla
    • Haldi
    • Amba Haldi
    • Max.Retail Price Rs.65.00 [INR] Incl of All taxes for 500 gms
    • Ber Leaf
    • Harad
    • Baheda
    • Safeda
    • Neem leaf

Kardam – Hand Wash

  • Kardam hand washer is natural/herbs based products,Give better results in place of Chemically Hand Wash products with safety.
  • No SLS or SLES,free from Paraben
  • KARDAM-HAND WASH is our invention to send away chemical based Hand Wash products, they show cleanliness to hands but may harmful to health while they contains many harmful chemicals.
  •   So we tried to give The Best products that not only clean hands also prevent your hands from bacteria, Germs etc with natural herbs.KARDAM HAND WASH is made from selected herbs with indigenous technology.
    • Aqua
    • Extract of Haldi
    • Amba Haldi
    • Reetha
    • Shikakai
    • Neem leaf – seed exract
    • Trifala
    • Amla
    • Baheda
    • Citrus limonum
    • Ber leaf
    • Safeda leaf
    • Xathan gum
    • Decyl glucoside
Max.Retail Price Rs.95.00 [INR] Incl of All taxes for 250 ml

Kardam – Herbal – Face Wash

Natural face wash 100 ml tube

Natural face wash 100 ml tube

  • Due to higher pollution effect your face badly, caused pimples, impurities etc
  • We invented a unique formula to care your face skin
  • It works gently-fight with germs, pollution, impurities, wash away almost skin problems and access oil from your skinKaranj
  • It contains selected herbs, because chemically products are shows ill effects to face skin
  • Kardam face wash enriched with
    • Neem
    • Amla
    • Baheda
    • Haridra
    • And other herbs
  • Max.Retail Price Rs.145.00 [INR] Incl of All taxes for 100 gm

Kardam – Kesh Poshak

Sulphate Free-Paraben Fre ully Safe-More Effective.Amazing Price.. Compare with others.. Pahle Istemaal Kijiye- Fir Yakeen Kijiye

  • for the world in which we live, and an increasing concern for our own health. We appreciate the delicate balance of the natural world and strive to maintain this harmony by using environmentally-friendly products that are nurturing to us and as harmless as possible to the earth.

    Kardam Kesh Poshak..Premium.NO SLS/NO PARABEN

    Kardam.Premium.NO SLS/NO PARABEN

  •      oncern for our physical appearance must be balanced with finding conscientious means in which to care for our skin and our health in general. We believe natural cosmetics should offer you, in the truest sense of the word wholesome personal care.
  • How does one decide what is good for us and what isn’t? Wellness, fitness and an evolving awareness of holistic health have revolutionized the cosmetic market. The choice of products responding to the trend toward natural is immense.
  • Krishico offers best quality products for health care. As Kardam – Kesh Poshak is best in its category. We strictly follow safety measures, guidelines.
  • World’s Luxurious mild Shampoo nourishes the hair root & strengthens the hair. Its precious raw Herbs gives permanent protection against damage of hair. It provides shine to hair & makes hair black and silky. It makes hair root stronger and reduces hair fall. It is ideal for normal to dry
  • hair and protects hair from harmful effect of Sun & Dandruff. An ideal anti dandruff treatment helps to combat sensitive scalp & hair loss.

Amazing Price  Rs.235.00 [INR] for 100 ml, incl of all taxes  OUT OF STOCK  



WOLGA PACKETKrishico is well recognized in the market for manufacturing, supplying and delivering a qualitative array of Herbal Hair Oil. Today, hair loss has been a major problem all over the world. We brought this product into the market to cope with this problem as well as provide numerous other benefits.   It is effective for the below listed problems:

  • Prevents dandruff
  • Makes hair stronger and darker
  • Stops splits hair problems
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Strengthens hair knots
  •          Max.Retail Price incl of all taxes-Rs. 165.00  [INR]
  •          Net Contains- 120 ml [100 ml+20 ml FREE]
  • Aqua,Extract of Haldi [ Termric  ],Amba Haldi ,Reetha [Sapindus mukarossi],Shikakai [Acacia concinna ],Neem leaf-seed exract{Azadirachta indica},TRIFALA [Haridra {Terminalia chebularetz},Amla[Emblica officinals],Baheda {Terntinalia belerica},Ber Leaf,Safeda leaf [Euclaptis], and many more..
KHL-WOLGA-Rx. After bath hair care oil.Full day care to hair scalp

KHL-WOLGA-Rx. After bath hair care oil.Full day care to hair scalp

  •      Musterted Oil -[Non Sticky] based-KHL-WOLGA- Rx. After Bath scalp care Hair Oil..full day cure to hair scalp. Developed to replace artificialy made hair oils..Because it contains herb’s Extract as said above.Provides nurishemnet to hair scalp.stop Hair loss..Means  it is best cure for all types of hairs
  •  Max.Retail Price [Incl of All Taxex- Rs.125.00 FOR 100 ml 
  • Net Contains 100 ml
  • No any colores are added…
  • shampoo Regular 200 ml

    shampoo Regular 200 ml with herbal extract

    200 ml.Bottle. Made from selected Herbs for your hairs.Stop Hair Loss..anty dandruff. It makes hair root stronger and reduces hair fall. It is ideal for normal to dry hair and protects hair from harmful effect of Sun & Dandruff. An ideal anti dandruff treatment helps to combat sensitive scalp & hair loss.

  • Max.Retail Price Rs.195.00 [INR] Incl of All taxes for 200 ml